Getting Started

A free consultation can help you:

  • Assess your organizations internal strengths and challenges
  • Appreciate the necessity of diversifying your fundraising base
  • Understand your management, grant seeking and fundraising needs
  • Learn that your organization is neither too small or too large to benefit from experienced management and fundraising consultation
  • Recognize the differences in styles of various consulting firms
  • Realize how outsourcing your grant seeking and fundraising tasks can be more cost-effective than hiring staff

How do we begin with Butler Consulting, Inc.’s grant seeking services?

The process by which Butler Consulting usually proceeds is to:

  1. Meet with the Project/Program Director and/or Executive Director in order to identify organizational needs, issues, deadlines and readiness for fundraising that includes grants;
  2. Submit a proposal that is individualized to address the issues identified in the first meeting and that outlines our scope of work, fees and other pertinent issues
  3. Negotiate the contract and starting date, then start raising money!
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